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Introducing DIRTY DOGS! and It’s never tasted so good!!

Fancy yourself a god, well then join us for a night of big flavours in Chelmsford town.

Let our speciality gourmet hotdogs tempt you into an unknown world of deliciousness. Fresh ingredients expertly combined to create a great dog that have to be tasted to be believed. (Of course, we offer non-beef variations for the veggie lovers). Prepare yourself for complete sensory overload.

We promise to give it to you hard and fast: quality, locally sourced ingredients, flawless service, hand-crafted drinks and a beat that gets your pulse racing.

While your taste buds tingle with pleasure, have a listen to some great tunes from our in house DIRTY DJ

So, what are you waiting for?

Join our club.

Limited places.


PLEASE NOTE WE TAKE A £10 charge per head which will be taken of your final bill on the night. This just helps us to know how much food to buy in etc.

TIMES: 6.30PM TILL 10PM (We will email you to get your preferred time to dine with us after your order is place with us)


PLACE: The Anne Knight Buildings,Park Road City Park West, Chelmsford,CM1 1LW


Below menu will be running alongside our normal lobster and burger menu
100% pork frank with ketchup, mustard and caramelised onions
Jazz Me Up
100% pork frank dragged through the garden with relish, caramelised onions, pickle, tomato, celery salt, mustard and ketchup
The Chilli Dog
Smoked Pork frank topped with homemade chilli, mustard and caramelised onions
Piggy Dog
Frank topped with homemade pulled pork, mustard, pickles and sour cream
Lobster Dog
Frank topped with lobster, truffle cheese sauce
The V Dog
Veggie/Vegan dog topped with relish, caramelised onions, pickle, tomato, celery salt, mustard and ketchup











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